Year one

A. Theoretical courses

The courses of this year focus on the fundamentals and basic elements of psychoanalytic psychotherapy and have been especially designed to provide a mental frame for the trainees in order to make them ready to learn the advanced topics in the following years. At the end of the first year, the trainees will be expected to have an introductory knowledge of the basic concepts in psychoanalytic psychotherapy, analytic attitude and methods of treatment.

Year one- 1st Semester

Year one- 2nd semester

Year one

B. Clinical Work

At the end of this year, the trainees will be able to begin practicing under supervision. At this stage, they will be expected to be able to evaluate patients, establish alliance and begin the treatment.

Year two- 1st Semester

Year two-2nd semester

Year two

B. Clinical Work

At the end of this year, students are expected to apply what they have been taught in their clinical work under supervision. In addition, they should be able to form a basic psychoanalytic formulation of what is happening “here and now” between them and their patients.

Year three

A. Theoretical Courses

In this year advance courses on psychopathology, British Independent School, American object relations will be offered. In addition, in this year along with offering these theoretical courses to complete students’ theoretical knowledge we will review treatment techniques and have a comparative study of all the basic schools in psychoanalytic psychotherapy.

Year three- 1st Semester

Year Three- 2nd Semester

Year Three

B. Clinical Work

At the end of the third year, students are expected to give an oral presentation and a written report of the course of treatment with one of their patients, showing that they are able to understand the analytic process, design purposeful interventions, come to a psychoanalytic formulation and as a whole, their competence in doing psychoanalytic psychotherapy.

Elective Courses

In order to meet the needs of students, our academic group is willing to add some interdisciplinary courses to the curriculum at request. These courses are specifically designed to complement the psychoanalytic knowledge of the students:
1. Psychoanalysis & Culture
2. Research in Psychoanalysis
3. Intersubjective Theory
4. Lacanian Theory
5. Philosophy & Psychoanalysis
6. Creative Writing & Psychoanalysis