Curriculum Vitae Jaap Ubbels

Jacob Ubbels, MD (born 1947 in Amsterdam) is a retired (child- and adolescent) psychiatrist and is still working in psychoanalytic practice in Amsterdam-Duivendrecht and Leiden in the Netherlands. He is full (IPA-) member of the Dutch Psychoanalytic Society since 1983, qualified as psychoanalyst for Children and Adolescents since 1989, training and supervising psychoanalyst since 1994. He was a faculty member of the Dutch Psychoanalytic Institute in Amsterdam from 1979-2016. He was Secretary (1983-1987) and President (1998-2001) of the Dutch Psychoanalytic Society.
Dr. Ubbels specialized in psychoanalysis of children and adolescents. From 2000-2015 he has been involved in teaching at the Han Groen-Prakken Institute for Psychoanalysis in Eastern Europe. Currently he is involved in psychoanalytic teaching projects in Eastern Europe, Russia, Georgia, Iran and China.
Recently Dr. Ubbels got a re-Ma degree in philosophy as well as in Literary Studies at Amsterdam University.

His publications are:
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Ubbels, J. (2018). “Hans Keilson. Een Oproep tot Reflectie.” [Hans Keilson’s Tryptichon: A Call for Reflexion.”]. Tijdschrift voor Psychoanalyse 24, 2, 113-127.
Ubbels, J. (2018). “Over Perversies”. [“On Perversions”.] Tijdschrift voor Psychoanalyse 24, 3., 220-222.
Accepted for Publication: :
Ubbels, J. (2020). “Intersubjectiviteit in de Psychoanalyse van Kinderen en Adolescenten”. [“Intersubjectivity in the Psychoanalysis of Children and Adolescents”] Tijdschrift voor Psychoanalyse

Recent Papers:
Ubbels, J. (2018). Feminity – Masculinity: Ideology, Post-Modernism and the Decentered Subject. Paper presented at COWAP-Conference in Tblisi October 2018.
Ubbels, J. (2019). Some Remarks on the General Attitude of the Child Analyst. Paper Presented at the (re-)start of the C/A Training Program East-European Psychoanalysts [EPF-Conference Madrid].
Ubbels, J. (2019). Fragments of the Analysis of an Early Adolescent with Encopresis. Paper presented at Psychoanalytic Conference in Tblisi June 2019.
Ubbels, J. (2019). Fragments of the Analysis of an Early Adolescent with Enuresis. Paper presented at Psychoanalytic Conference in Tblisi June 2019.

Coming Papers:
Ubbels, J. (2020). The Philsophical Turn in Psychoanalysis. Paper for Scientific Meeting Dutch Psychoanalytic Society February 6th 2020..
Ubbels, J. (2020). Free Association: Deconstruction, Construction and Decentering of the Subject. Paper submitted for the EPF-Conference in Vienna April 2020.
Ubbels, J. (2020). A Dynamic Psychoanalytic approach to Paedophilia. Paper for Conference on Forensic Psychiatry in the Van Mesdag Kliniek te Groningen.