The Theories of D.W. Winnicott

Instructors: Nahaleh Moshtagh, PhD., Shabnam Nohesara MD., Mehrdad Eftekhar MD.

Capacity: 35

Course Date:28-12-2014


       Session One

Abram (2008) Donald Woods Winnicott: A Brief Introduction


Session Two

Abram (4104) On Winnicott’s Clinical Innovations in the Analysis of Adults


Session Three

Ogden (2001) Reading Winnicott
Winnicott (1945) Primitive Emotional Development


Session Four

Modell (1985) The Works of Winnicott and the Evolution of his Thoughts


Session Five

Frankel (4114) Fantasy and Imagination in Winnicott’s Work


Session Six

Eigen (4104) On Winnicott’s Clinical Innovations in the Analysis of Adults
Winnicott (1958) The Capacity to be Alone


Session Seven

Ogden (1985) On Potential Space
Winnicott (1953) Transitional Objects and Transitional Phenomena – A Study of the First Not-Me Possession


Session Eight

Winnicott (1974) Fear of Breakdown
Ogden (2014) Fear of Breakdown and the Unlived Life


Session Nine

Slochower (2013) Relational Holding


Session Ten

Ogden (2004) On Holding and Containing, Being and Dreaming


Session Eleven

Little (1985) Winnicott Working in Areas where Psychotic Anxieties Predominate: A Personal Record


Session Twelve

Anderson (2014) How D.W.Winnicott Conducted Psychoanalysis