Instructor: Mehrdad Eftekhar, MD

Capacity: 15

Course Start Date:20-10-2016

Course End Date:09-02-2017

This course is designed to discuss the concept of Narcissism as well as its related psychopathology using different analytic viewpoints. Narcissistic transference and clinical techniques of working with narcissistic patients will be discussed as well. Participants should specifically familiarize themselves with Freud’s seminal work, “On Narcissim” before enrolling in this course. They are also required to read the assigned material before the class and be ready for active participation. After each class, students should write a log and email it to the instructor.


First session: 20-10-2016

Ellman, S. (2014). Traversing Narcissistic Pathways: From Freud to Present Times, Psychoanalytic Inquiry, 34:394–407.

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Second session: 03-11-2016

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Third session: 17-11-2017

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Forth session: 15-12-2016

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Fifth session: 29-12-2016

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Sixth session: 12-01-2017

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Seventh session: 26-01-2017

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Eighth session: 09-02-2017

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